Park Model Homes For Sale

At Jetstream Park Model Homes (JPMH), an authorized RV Dealer for Woodland Park RV park model homes, we pride ourselves in helping every family find a house that perfectly fits their needs, turning every house into a home.  A subsidiary of Jetstream Construction, which has been serving the Western United States since 1996, with an impressive portfolio that includes projects in major resorts, high-rise apartments and hotels, gaming and entertainment centers, commercial office buildings, hospitals, airports, convention centers, schools, prisons, municipal, state and federal government facilities, JPMH is excited to serve the housing needs of the Bakken. 

Our expertise can be your ticket to an affordable solution to the housing challenges of the North Dakota oil fields.  Come to Jetstream Park Model Homes today - tour our beautiful manufactured homes. We'll help you find the perfect park model home for sale!

Check out our exclusive Jetstream "Bunkhouse" model designed specifically to meet the needs of employers in the Bakken to meet employee housing needs: